A Stellar Cannabinoid Company focused on providing

Out of This World Cannabinoid products to the planet.

Solstice and Sun is a Stellar Cannabinoid Company that focuses on providing Out of this World, Chef-Inspired, Artisanal Cannabinoid Infused products to the planet. 

We are here to revolutionize the wellness industry by providing access to innovative, honest, and affordable hemp products. Our Completely Unique Modern Twist Taffy stands out on store shelves amongst the sea of gummies that have flooded the market; Eclipsing the Competition! 

Modern Twist Taffy is definitely “Not Another Gummy ™”. Reminiscent of nostalgic salt-water taffy but with a Modern Twist, our Taffy are naturally delicious and deliver a bright burst of fruit flavor in each bite. We source only premier ingredients, crafting high strength hemp products that you can actually feel and feel good about! 




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