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How does magnification work?

Magnification works by taking light and concentrating it on a focal point. When light is concentrated through a lens on a particular spot, the spot will appear much closer, and in higher resolution, than it actually is.

First, we choose a magnifying lens with proper diameter, thickness, and resolution. Then we determine approximately how far it should be from your product to achieve the best visuals. The effect is similar to looking through a high-powered microscope.

How do our eyes interact with light?

Our eyes let in light to gather information, inspect things and understand the world around us. Consequently, this is why we cannot see in the dark or if our eyes are closed. By incorporating light into our products we enhance the visual experience beyond what the human eye is capable of seeing on its own, like turning on a light in a dark room.

Combining Light and Magnification

The magnifying glass acts as a channel, concentrating the light exactly where your customers are looking and helping to present your flower in the most engaging way possible.


Smokus Focus Custom Jars

We can put your logo on jars.





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The brands showcased by our firm are representative of just a few of the many types of products we sponsor and support.  We have long-standing relationships with brands, distributors, and wholesale or retail clients.  We have the expertise, the success record, and the wisdom to help you deliver high-quality hemp products at extremely competitive prices, with plenty of margin for your business to thrive.

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