PerfectPar DuoLight 4000


PerfectPar™ DR720W


PerfectPar 650W LED

PerfectPar 330W LED

PerfectPar 165W LED


315W CMH Agro


315W CDL+LED Agro


315W CMH Agro


315W CDL+LED Agro

Why BLI Grow Lights?

Light Spectrum

Our Color Augmenting LED grow light utilizes top bin 100% OSRAM white and red horticulture LEDs to create optimized sunlike full spectrum for faster growth and bigger harvests.

Design Simplicity

Our lights are easy to install:
modular and daisy chain connections can also be dimmed using off-the-shelf 0-10V dimmer.
LED driver architecture allows on demand wireless communications.


Lower cost of ownership due to our innovative design structures. Single bar quick attach modular system also allows “add as you grow” low cost expansion architecture.

Built in the USA

We are proud to build our products in the USA using components sourced in the US and around the globe. We source only the highest quality parts and components to ensure top performance.

US Hemp Brokerage   

The brands showcased by our firm are representative of just a few of the many types of products we sponsor and support.  We have long-standing relationships with brands, distributors, and wholesale or retail clients.  We have the expertise, the success record, and the wisdom to help you deliver high-quality hemp products at extremely competitive prices, with plenty of margin for your business to thrive.

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